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Update News for January 2015    

Here is a quick run-down on what you will find in this bulletin:

These topics will be dealt with in more detail throughout this bulletin.

Happy New Year

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy New Year. Compulife (Canada and the U.S. combined) is coming off the best year in our 32 year history and it is our subscribers who are the reason for that success. From all of us here at Compulife, our sincere thanks; our families thank you too.

We know that you are not buying Compulife to contribute to a charity, you are buying our software and services because they make a positive contribution to your bottom line. That means our business relationship is a win-win for us all. With that in mind we hope that 2015 leads to greater mutual success and prosperity.

Have a safe and Happy New Year.

FAIR NOTICE - Postal Code D-Day

Unpaid postal codes will be removed from the Compulife customer lists on Saturday, January 10, 2015. Once that purge has been completed, the new postal code list will be posted to our sites.

Postal codes previously used by subscribers, but abandoned because they were not renewed, will become available on a first come, first served basis. This is the time when we encourage subscribers who want to either buy or trade for better postal codes to get involved. Once again, first come, first served. I recommend you email changes that you want, ASAP on or after January 10th, to:

The date and time of your email request will set the date and time if there are two requesting the same code. If you send a request dated before January 10th, we will respond to it on January 12th to confirm if you still want those changes. If someone sent a request on January 10th or 11th, we will take their request over your's if it was before January 10th. No one gets to jump the starting gun.

Therefore, on January 10th you need to visit the Postal Code Analyzer to see what has become available in your area. Here is a link to the analyzer:

If you don't have a complete list of your current postal codes (following January 10, 2015), send us an email at:

and ask for a list of your current postal codes. We'll email it to you.

New Limitations and Conditions For Personal Use

The personal use software is being modified in two specific ways, to help us cut down on support issues and to make it difficult to use that version on network servers.

First, the "multi-user" login option will no longer be offered in the personal use edition.

Agents who were using that option, and who want to continue to use that option, will need to upgrade to a standard license edition. Of course the standard license edition is more expensive but it you want to upgrade to get the multi-user login we will allow you to do so for FREE for the balance of your current personal use subscription. Further, if you want to add additional time to your current personal use subscription, to preserve that option longer (at personal use prices) you can add up to 3 more years by paying the new personal use fees. Once again, those prices are:

The ability to add further years at these prices will be available for two months following the removal of the option from our software. As most people don't read these bulletins, personal use subscribers who use the multi-user log in will first become aware that it is not available when we actually take it out of the software. At that point we expect to get a call, and that person will be upgraded for free to a Standard License edition for the balance of the current subscription. We will also advise that up to 3 years can be added at the personal use prices, after which standard license pricing will apply.

The second limitation being imposed on the personal use edition of Compulife will be that it must be run from the C: drive of the computer. Drives other than C: will no longer permit the personal use software to run.

Personal use subscribers will still be able to use the feature in Compulife that allows the program to be copied to a flash drive or memory card, but the program will have to be copied back to a C: drive of a computer in order to function.

If you need to run on something other than a C: drive, you will need to upgrade to a standard license. The FREE upgrade opportunity is available to you as already described, and you can extend that by up to 3 years at personal use prices, as already explained.

The point of all this is to cut down on support issues that generally flow from people using the multi-user login or running the software on a network. If you are currently placing a personal use copy of Compulife on a network, and permitting your non-licensed associates to run it, you will now need to install that personal use edition on each person's C: drive. It's completely OK to do that, and it is authorized under the personal use software license agreement. If you have some other reason that requires you to run Compulife on a network, you will need to upgrade to the standard license.

ROP Factors - New Data Format

During December we completed the work of transferring the old ROP tables to the new ROP tables (3 tables, one for each of the 3 CI with ROP options). We are now working on modifying our software to use the new data files instead of the old. We hope to have that ready to introduce some time in January or February.

As we mentioned in the previous bulletin, we will continue to support the old ROP factors for a transitional time period. This means that Compulife Internet Engine Users will not have to do an upgrade until we elect to abandon the old ROPF rate format. We intend to bundle that upgrade with other changes and so Internet engine users can anticipate this to occur in or about April 2015.

Compulife will NOT be upgrading the old Palm or Windows handheld software and so after the upgrade to the engine becomes available, we will be abandoning support for the old equipment. We believe that most subscribers no longer use these devices and that most have graduated to smart phones. We have several hundred subscribers current using our Mobile edition of Compulife, which is free to subscribers.

Renewal Premiums Next

Once the work on ROP is completed, we will be moving to breaking out the renewal premiums from individual products into a new renewal premium table/file. This will be used for products that share the same renewals and will cut down on significant duplication that exists in our current data format.

We have found a way to do this that will not affect the majority of Internet engine users simply as our internet engine does not require renewal information unless you are using the Pick 12 spreadsheet option (most do not). If you do use that option, then we will need to get you a new engine before we make a general release to the majority of engine users.

Ultimately we don't want to burden our internet engine users with too much transitional work during 2015. The fewer the number of engine upgrades the easier it is for us all.