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Update News for December 2015    

Here is a quick run-down on what you will find in this bulletin:

These topics will be dealt with in more detail throughout this bulletin.

Merry Christmas 2015

As another year comes to a close, and we move into the holiday season, I want to stop and wish you a very Merry Christmas. This year is where I let the Bible speak for itself about God's Christmas gift. I think it's a good read and won't take too long:

Merry Christmas 2015

January 11, 2016 9am EST
The Term4Sale Land Rush Will Begin

Each year there is a bigger land rush for the purchase or exchange of zip codes that have become available because subscribers did not renew their zip code listings. This year will be no different.

As we talked to subscribers during the first week of November, and helped them move their 3 FREE zip codes into better zip codes in their local area, many asked about buying additional zip code listings. We explained how it works and we think that more subscribers than ever before will be in the hunt for additional zip codes for 2016. Here's what you need to know:

Once again, I suspect hundreds of agents will be hitting the Zip Code Analyzer this year and good zip codes, which have been abandoned by those who previously had them, will be plucked up very quickly.

To make this orderly and fair for everyone, here are some important tips:

Do NOT call us on January 11th to discuss zip codes. No doubt some will, and the phones will be plugged. Sorry.

ONCE AGAIN: Do NOT call us on January 11th to discuss zip codes. Instead, identify those zip codes that you want to buy and email us your list on January 11, 2016, at 9am EST or LATER. Your email should say in the subject line: term4sale zip codes. Send the email to Alternatively you can use this web page to send the request:

Zip Code Application Form

WARNING:   If your email comes in a minute earlier than 9am EST on January 11, 2016, that email will be disqualified.

Zip codes will be sold on a first come first serve basis. If one additional zip code is requested by 3 people, the first person making the request (by email date and time) will get that zip code.

In the next day or two following that (new purchase requests after January 11th), you will get a responding email with an invoice for your new zip code purchases. You will have 3 days to complete the purchase by credit card. If the purchase is NOT completed within that time period, the invoice will be credited and removed and the zip codes will remain available. If a second person asked for one of more of those zip codes they will be emailed to ask if they still want the zip codes, and they will have an invoice for those zip codes sent.

And finally, this year will offer better opportunities to buy good zip codes as Compulife has reduced the MAXIMUM number of zip codes that any one subscriber is allowed to purchase. Some subscribers were required to give up some zip codes they were previously buying.

Some Tips For New Zip Code Buyers

What is a good zip code?

A good zip code, from a numbers point of view, is a zip code which contains a large number of household where the average income of each household is relatively high (for that area). Of course if all the people living in that zip code are older and retired, they are probably not very good prospects for term life insurance. That is where local knowledge and/or other research comes into play, in addition to the information you will find in the zip code analyzer. You can get the household average income, and number of household from the Term4Sale Zip Code Analyzer and if you have not spent much time playing with it, you need to do so prior to January 11th. Some subscribers have become as proficient with it as we ourselves have, and they are like the gamblers at the horse race tracks who carry around those big thick racing forms. They are also the people most likely to profit from the game.

Be realistic with your expectations.

We believe a good result from THREE zip code listings would be one or two contacts a year, and we hope you make at least one sale. If all you have are the three free zip codes you get with your subscription, and you make one sale, then you have more than paid for your subscription from Compulife. If you are one of those subscribers who buy 90 additional listings, paying us $1,350, then we hope you are going to see at least 30 contacts. If you can sell half of those, and average $600 commission per sale, then you will have a very nice profit ($9,000 - $1,350). If you are buying volume, and those are not your results, then maybe Term4Sale is not a good fit for you.

We are not making any guarantee as to how well anyone will do, simply because you are taking a chance, just as anyone does who buys advertising. But you can read the comments of other subscribers who have talked about their Term4Sale experiences here:

Testimonials from Compulife subscribers

Once again, our goal is to make the purchase of Compulife a profitable experience. It's not about what Compulife costs, it's about the money you make using Compulife. And by the way, we think Compulife is priced below value.

Term4Sale Listings Frozen Until January 2016

The first week of November was a VERY hectic week, with a large number of Compulife subscribers taking advantage of adding their third free zip code. Many took our advice to re-position their local zip codes (zip codes within a 20 mile radius of where they are) to maximize their listing potential in their own local area.

The goal of term4sale has remain unchanged:

Some subscribers have taken every opportunity that we have given, to participate in the potential for revenue from the term4sale site. We permit subscribers who want to reach out beyond the 3 free zip codes that we provide, into other areas and states in which they sell. Subscribers who want to can purchase additional zip code listings and some subscribers purchase the maximum number that we allow. As more and more subscribers have participated, the number of attractive zip codes left for others to purchase, has shrunk. It has also reduced the number of zip codes that new subscribers can get access to. For that reason we have further limited the number of zip codes that customers can purchase. Last year personal use subscribers could buy 100 additional zip codes at $15 each. We are reducing that to 90. Those with 100 will find their renewal invoice/list has been cut to 90. You can choose which 90 of the original 100 you can keep. Standard license subscribers could purchase an additional 300 zip codes for $18 each (over the first 100). This year the number is being reduced to 270 over the first 90. This means, if you had 400 zip codes, you will be reduced to 360.

Those who have been buying large numbers of zip codes will find that some of the zip codes they purchased last year, will no longer be available. This is because agents in those local areas (within 20 miles of those zip codes) have exercised their option to bump and take those codes as one of their three free zip codes. Zip codes that were bumped were not on your list for renewal purposes. I am sorry for this change and the negative impact on those who purchased those zip codes previously, but our goal is for term4sale to be of benefit to all our customers, and not a benefit to only a few. Every subscriber has the same opportunity to maximize the benefit of their free zip code listings in their own local area. If there are zip code vacancies beyond that, we are happy that any and all subscribers have equal access to be able to purchase those surplus vacancies on a first come, first serve basis. If you are buying a zip code, the only person who can bump you from that zip code is a person who is local in that zip code and who wants to use one of their 3 free zip codes to do the bump. But then you have the exact same right to bump in your local area.

Zip codes that have been bumped, which were paid for through 2015, will remain with the original buyer until January 1st. Zip codes that did not renew will be removed January 11th, as those buying zip codes will have the first week of January to pay for their renewal. On January 11th the new list of zip codes, with non-renewals deleted, will be posted to our site. At that time zip codes that have not been taken or renewed for 2016, will become available for sale to subscribers on a first come first served basis. Did we mention that the land rush begins at 9am EST?

Trial Users Will Get FREE Software
Until April 30, 2016

Each new prospective subscriber to Compulife begins with a FREE subscription, assuming that they do the "Dare to Compare" tutorial. Typically the period of that FREE subscription is 4 months.

Due to the fact that agents obtaining that subscription during November and December, will not be able to get any zip codes listings at until January 11th, they will get the software FREE until January 10th, and then be able to select zip codes on Monday January 11, 2016 thereby obtaining free software and 3 free zip code listing until the end of April.. The only zip codes available to non-paying trial users are those that are available. Trial subscribers, who have not paid for software, cannot bump. Once again, trial subscribers who come on board in November and December will have their subscription FREE until the end of April.

FREE Mobile Edition

During November Jeremiah upgraded those with the previous version of the Compulife Mobile Edition, to the new version of the Compulife Mobile Edition. The Compulife Mobile Edition is FREE with your subscription to Compulife.

If you do not currently have the Compulife Mobile Edition activated, please complete the following applicaton form. Remember, it's FREE:

Application - Compulife Mobile Edition

Included with the FREE upgrade:

Individual agents can now buy the Compulife Mobile Edition for $96 per year. 10% and 20% discounts apply for those who want to pay 2 or 3 years in advance. Those who buy the Mobile edition can get 3 listings at for an additional $84 per year. Alternatively, if the Compulife Mobile Edition customer wants a quoting system for their website, they can get that and 3 zip codes for only an additional $180 per year.

IMPORTANT:    Standard License subscribers have had the number of mobile devices increased from 5 to 12. They are also allowed to give links to their Compulife Mobile Edition to their agent/brokers. If you are a Standard License subscribers, and need more information, please call or email us at:

If you are a personal use subscriber, but would like to provide a quoting system to fellow brokers, you can upgrade to a standard license.

VERY IMPORTANT:    Standard License subscribers are now allowed to purchase additional access to the Mobile edition for more of their brokers. The initial cost is $300 for 25 additional agent users. Details about this will be sent to Standard License customers in the first part of December. If you are interested in that, contact us: