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Bulk Buying Features and Pricing

To place an order for a Bulk Software Purchase, or if you have further questions,
Please call Compulife at (800) 798-3488.

Compulife has introduced new pricing and minimum threshold rules for those buying comparison software in bulk.

Most important, there will be a lower threshold to qualify for custom hosting. Custom hosting means that Compulife will cut the group of companies in our software to only those companies that you want your agents to quote. The group of companies will be locked so that the sub-users getting the agency's custom hosted updates cannot reverse the process.

Please note that the bulk purchase discounts listed below, are ONLY available to those who are agency subscribers (Standard License - $299 per year).

Term4Sale - Agent Edition

An agency subscriber can now purchase 10 copies of Term4Sale Agent Edition for only $500 (custom hosting is NOT available).

An agency subscriber can purchase 20 copies of Term4Sale Agent Edition for $990 and Compulife will "custom host" the monthly updates. Additional copies of the Term4Sale - Agent Edition are available at $49.50 per unit.

Personal Use - Edition

An agency subscriber can purchase 10 copies of the full Compulife program, personal use edition, for $990 (custom hosting is NOT available).

An agency subscriber can purchase 15 copies of the full Compulife program, personal use edition, for $1,485 and have the software "custom hosted" for their agents.

Additional copies of the Personal Use software are available at $99 per year. Please call (800) 798-3488 for further discounts on volumes of 50 or more.

The only other condition for bulk buying arrangements is that the agency handles the funds. If the agency wants to charge its agents, or to provide the services as part of a promotional program, that's up to the agency. Compulife collects all subscription fees from the agency.

Add All You Want

Regardless of which bulk software package deal that your agency purchases, you can add additional systems at the $49.50 or $99 per unit price.

Important Note: For those who receive custom hosting, you cannot mix and match the two systems. On the other hand, if you do not need custom hosting, you can mix and match either version of the software. If your volume is sufficient, at least 20 Term4Sale - Agent Editions AND 15 Compulife Personal Use Editions, you can mix and match and also receive custom hosting for both editions.

You Can Now Bulk Purchase Web Quoting

Here's a huge bonus for Compulife agency subscribers who bulk purchase Compulife's software. Insurance Squared, one of Compulife's authorized web providers, is now offering our agency customers, who bulk purchase from Compulife, special prices for adding on-line term quotes to their agents' websites.

Call Insurance Squared at (866) 662-5433 and talk to Glenn Cooke for special bulk pricing.

Also, if your agent doesn't have his own website, you need to talk to Insurance Squared. The company can offer complete website solutions and is happy to negotiate bulk purchases of websites. Call (866) 662-5433 and talk to Glenn Cooke. Tell Glenn, Compulife told you to call.

Insurance Squared adds a "Forms Library"

There is some additional good news for customers of Insurance Squared. In conjunction with Compulife's Forms Library, Insurance Squared has launched a life insurance company "Forms Library" for your website. Customers who have term quotes on their website through Insurance Squared, can obtain life company applications and forms from the multi-company library for an additonal $120/year.

Compulife believes that this is an important new option and feature for agents and agencies. We believe that this new service will give Insurance Squared a very competitive market position. If you are currently using alternative systems for on-line quoting and forms libraries, you need to call Glenn Cooke, president of Insurance Squared. We are certain that Glenn's prices will be the lowest in the industry. Glenn's number number is (866) 662-5433.

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