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In order to choose which version is best for you,
refer to the following comparison chart:

Software Features  Individual Agent Version  Agency/BGA Version
 Access to over 100 Life Insurance Companies
 Level Term products (10, 15, 20, 25 and 30)
 No Lapse U/L products (life pay, 20 pay, 10 pay, etc.)
 Return of Premium (ROP) products
 ART (YRT) products
 Option to add instant life insurance quotes to
 your website - see sample here
 3 Free zip code listings at
 Ability to purchase additional zip code listings at
 Ability to change the agent name when running quotes (Maximum of 5 seats/installations at 1 office location; additional groups of 5 installations can be purchased at a sub-user discount)  
 Multi-User Login for Network compatibility  
 Unlimited Installations
(for single agent and unlicensed assistants)
 Preferred Health Analyzer (for help with
 underwriting criteria)
 Life Company Forms Library
 Mobile Quotes for your smartphone or pad
 Automatic updates through the internet (You won't have to worry if you have the current rates because the software will prompt you when a new update is available for download)
 Ability to select a default list of companies to quote
 Return of Premium Analysis
 Speadsheet comparisons with complete control of color and style
 Ability to e-mail or save a quote in PDF format
 A.M. Best Ratings for Life Companies
 Modal Premium option (Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly, and Monthly)
 Toll Free Technical Support
 On-line Video Tutorials
 Ability to add state specific Agent License Number
 Documentation file that contains recent changes to the software
 Needs Analysis Tools (Income Replacement Calculator)
 Interest Adjusted Cost Analysis
 Retirement Calculator
 Ability to add a table rating to any product
 Waiver of Premium option
 Child rider option
 Multi-Life quote (for spouses or business partners)
 Present Value Accumulated Cost Calculator
 Life Company Information Directory

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