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Purchasing Compulife's Internet Engine (U.S.) - $1,260 per year

The Internet Engine is ONLY available to a subscriber who is purchasing the standard license for Compulife's Windows quoting software ($324 per year). You will need the data files from that version of the program, to keep the company and product rates up-to-date on your server.

The Internet Engine comes complete with all of the internet technology and options offered by Compulife including the preferred health analyzer, needs analysis calculators and life company forms.

If you are not a subscriber to Compulife standard license, you can earn 4 additional FREE months to your first 12 month standard license subscription by taking the Dare To Compare Challenge.

Once you are a subscriber to the standard license of Compulife, Compulife will provide you with the Internet Engine for FREE during the "development period". This gives you a time period (as long as you need) to build the internet application that you want to offer to your customers.

Before we provide the engine, you will need to sign the:

Internet Engine License Agreement

IMPORTANT:   You must not take the engine live to your customers until you have paid the $960 annual license fee. If you are unable to develop the application that you want, you are under no obligation to purchase the engine. The original $324 for the Standard License of Compulife is non-refundable.

One of the options for those purchasing the Internet Engine, as set out in the License Agreement, is that they have the same ability as Compulife's Authorized web providers which is to be able to offer website quotes for a third party's website. There is NO ADDITIONAL COST to do so, with the stipulation that the third party is a subscriber to one of Compulife's windows products.

EXAMPLE:    A General Agency wants to provide term quotes for their agents' web sites as part of a their value added services to those agents. This can be done providing that the agent is a subscriber to Compulife's windows program. The agent can buy Compulife's windows program through the internet engine user for a reduced price of $96 per year (retail $192 per year). Internet engine users start at the 10 plus price level for windows licenses. Deeper volume discounts are available (Click Here for more information).

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to find out how you can obtain the Internet Engine.

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