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Update News for May 2016    

Here is a quick run-down on what you will find in this bulletin:

These topics will be dealt with in more detail throughout this bulletin.

Compulife Basic - Completed for Canada

During April work was completed on the Canadian version of Compulife Basic. This is what we previously referred to as the Compulife Mobile edition, and is intended to give our subscribers the ability to have a quoting system for use on devices that do not run PC software. Typically this would be your phone, tablet or non-PC computer, such as a Mac.

As we have mentioned in previous bulletins, our mid-term goal is to expand Compulife Basic to have more and more of the features that you use in the PC version of Compulife. The challenge is to design the user interface to be as universal as possible, able to run on ANY browser. One of the challenges, as you attempt to do more sophisticated functions with a browser version of a software program, is that some browsers do not work the same as others. If you program too narrowly for one browser then you run the risk of that same program not working properly on another browser.

In the meantime, the greatly improved Compulife Basic is now full responsive allowing it to adapt to the screen size of the device that you are using. Compulife Basic looks and works just as well on a phone as it does on a tablet. And you will notice, when viewing a quote, it you turn the device on its side, and give the quote more width, additional information and description/comments can appear, particularly on small phone screens.

Compulife Basic - Agencies Take Note

Each personal use version of Compulife comes with a FREE Compulife Basic for use on up to 3 devices. Those devices must belong to the agent who the software is licensed to.

Do NOT give your Personal Use Compulife to another agent to use!

Agencies buying the "Standard License" of Compulife, and paying $300 per year, now have up to 12 devices that can use Compulife Basic, and those devices can be for the brokers and agents associated with the licensee. So if you want to provide Compulife Basic to your brokers, and you have the Standard License to Compulife, you can do so.

If you need more devices than the 12 that come with your subscription, you can get an additional 25 for $300 (that's $12 per year per device). If you need larger volumes, call us for special pricing.

Compulife Web Quotes - Next For Canada

With the completion of the new Compulife Basic for Canadian subscribers, we are now moving to implement the new responsive features for our Compulife Web Quote customers. This is the $96 per year version of Compulife that you can add to your own website.

We have already implemented the new responsive pages for our U.S. subscribers, which you can see here:

Compulife Web Quotes - U.S.

That same look/feel/style will be coming to Canadian Web Quote customers in May. Once the new version is ready, we will email existing subscribers and offer them the option to upgrade. Those who like the current version of the web quote option can keep that if they like, but our experience in the U.S. is that the vast majority of customers prefer the new version. Apart from the fact is is "responsive ready" and will work perfectly on a site that is also responsive, it is much easier to integrate into a site whether that site is responsive or not. With the new design you can simply pop a link to your Web Quoter page into a frame on your site, and the quote will appear in the frame and look great. It makes it easier to create your own content around the page.

IMPORTANT: Any subscriber not currently using the web quote option, is welcome to try the new responsive version of 4 months for FREE. Simply email us at and let us know that you want to give it a try.

Compulife PC Version - Can Run on a Mac

Earlier I mentioned that Compulife Basic runs on a Mac. Apple Mac computers can also run the PC version of Compulife if they have something like this installed:

Windows on Mac without Rebooting

With Parrallels not only can you run the PC version of Compulife on your Mac, you can run any PC software on your Mac.

There is a 14 day free trial, which lets you try Parrallels. And while you try Parrallels, you can try Compulife on your Mac:

Try Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac Free for 14 Days!

And you can learn more about it by watching the videos that you will find here:

Youtube Video: Parrallels Demonstration

Don't Let Hardware Limit You

Windows 10 devices, such as tablet computers, are getting so cheap that it makes absolutely NO SENSE for Compulife to try to fit our product on operating systems other then Windows 10. If you need a tablet to do quotes for your clients you can get one that runs the PC version of Compulife for under $200.

iRULU Walknbook 10.1 Inch Tablet PC

And yes, there are cheaper tablets, but this particular one has a 10" screen, has 32gb of memory and comes with a keyboard.

You can cut the price if you go for a smaller screen. We have been running the PC version on screens as small as 7" (still bigger than a phone) and it's quite functional. If you don't want/need the keyboard, that will save you money. Compulife is now touch screen compatible and some of the things you are used to doing with a mouse can be done by touch.

NOTE: If you have a touch screen Compulife has replaced the "right click function) with a touch and "sweep right" motion. That is how you can choose and place product into Pick 12.

You can also cut the price by going with a 16gb product. Compulife remains a comparatively tiny software program, requiring less than 30 megabytes of storage (yes, the size of a single hi-resolution photograph) and very little memory to run.

It's Easy To Try Compulife On A Tablet

There is a feature on Compulife's Red Menu that makes it easy to transfer Compulife to another device, such as a "Flash Drive, "Memory Stick" or "Thumb Drive". Those are all terms used to describe one of those portable drives you can stick into the USB port of your computer.

To transfer to the drive, stick the drive into the USB port. It is important to take note of which drive letter it appears as.

NOTE: Go to "This PC" or "Computer" and then plug in the flash drive. You should see it appear on the list of devices and it will have a drive letter connected to it.

Start up your Compulife and on the Red Menu is an option called: "Compulife Mobile Quotes"

Click on "Compulife Mobile Quotes" and a new menu/program appears. The first option is "Copy Compulife to Flash Drive". After you click on that, find your Flash Drive on the list, and select it. Install Compulife.

You can now take the flash drive and plug it into any windows compatible computer or device, and run Compulife from the flash drive (the program you want is "GOWIN.EXE" and it is in the "COMPLIFE" folder). Feel free to take the drive down to your local Sams Club, Walmart, Best Buy, whatever, and plug it into a tablet and check out Compulife and see how it works on that device.

If you buy a tablet you can then transfer the COMPLIFE folder from the flash drive to the C: drive of the tablet. That will speed up the program (it still goes super fast on a flash drive). Transferring it means you don't have to have a stick stuck in your tablet when you are using it with customers. Once you put Compulife on the tablet it will update itself just as it does on your PC computer.