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Testimonials from Compulife PDA Users

The following are the comments from Compulife subscribers who have used Compulife's new PDA software.

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The following was a posting made to and is reprinted here with permission.

Gary Pinkerton Insurance Office

If you call yourself a life insurance agent and you are not using the PDA weapon to sell more insurance, then you are holding yourself back. I was standing in line at a concert and quoted a man next to me a $600,000 20 yr. term. The next Monday I wrote it on the phone. It turned out he was the owner of a trucking company, I have since wrote $3.9 Million total coverage on him and his family and it all started with the PDA capability.

Gary L. Pinkerton, CSA, CEPP

The following was a posting made to and is reprinted here with permission.

Quotes on PDA - Success

I am primarily a health insurance agent in California but find that the few term policies I write each year justified the expense for Compulife. It doesn't hurt that about once a year I receive a "slam dunk" from Term 4 Sale which more than covers the cost for a decade of use.

About 2 months ago I decided to buy a PDA along with renewing my compulife subscription. This was not really to quote on the road, but to join the 21st century and try to go electronic with my schedule and contact list.

I soon received a request from a health insurance client (HSA are my speciality) for some additional term coverage for he and his wife. I did what he asked and then (via email) gave him quotes on replacing everything. So, by being able to quickly run quotes, I could save him money overall, and about double my commission.

When I met with he and his wife, I brought my PDA with the rates in place. While discussing the options and just about to take the application, I got the idea to look into a 30 year ROP plan for each of them.

Because of the PDA, I was able to show them the options of ROP, but they decided that was the way to go.

So, originally my commissions were to be about $300. When I showed him that replacing everything better, I upped my commission to about $650. When I arrived at the house with my PDA and used it to run on the spot rate quotes, his purchase increased my commissions to almost $1,800!

Technology is fun!

Richard S. Bronstein, CSA, CBC, Green Sky Insurance Services

The following was a posting made to and is reprinted here with permission.

Using PDA on the go!

I was traveling to an appointment and a client called me on my cell with some questions about a quote I had given him. He wanted to know what the rate would be at $500,000 instead of $300,000.

At first, I was going to tell him I would call him back when I got to the office, but I pulled off the road, got my PDA out and gave him the quote right there on the spot. He decided to go with the $500K and we set an appointment to write it.

What is so great about the PDA software, it is very easy to bring up, enter, and quote in a matter of seconds. I am really enjoying the PDA software.

Walter Whitehurst

Hi Bob:

Last night at a Christmas party, one of the guests asked me what I did for a living and I told him I was in the life insurance business and followed up with a question about his life insurance. He told me he had a term policy expiring next month and had been procrastinating about looking for a new policy. I took out my Treo 650 with the Compulife software and said. "procrastinate no more" and began running quotes. He took the phone from me and started playing with the numbers himself. Within 5 minutes, he selected a policy (about $1200/year premium) and I scheduled a time to complete the app with him this week. We also attracted the attention of a few other guests, who I will be contacting soon for their life insurance (I didn't want to turn my friend's Christmas party into a life insurance seminar). I can't imagine anybody in this business not using this great tool. It's easy to use, it engages the client and takes the procrastination right out of the client's hands. Thank you again Bob for creating this great tool for us.

Richard Reich

[this from a subscriber who purchased one of Compulife's used Tungsten E's]

Loving the palm so far... Slick indeed.

I did see a Treo 650 today (a friend has one)... VERY bright (albeit slightly smaller) display. Plugged my SD card into it, and Voila! Compulife worked perfectly.

I think what you're doing with the palms (i.e. making them available cheap for those who don't have them) is a good idea. The greatest mouse trap in the world will sit on the shelf unless those who need it can be made to try it and observe it's virtues...

Byron Udell, Udell & Associates

[this from a subscriber who purchased one of Compulife's used Tungsten E's]

Well done and you have thought this out!!! I was laying in bed last night trying to think out how I could move a 1,000 PDA and what would be involved. It is addicting! You'll be building warehouses and run Wal Mart out-of business!!! Think it is going to be on everyone's Christmas shopping list!

Dennis R. Hyde Red River Brokerage, Inc.

Looks great! I have mine set up and it works wonderfully.

Ron, Ron White Financial Services

It's cool, Bob, I have it working.

Speaking of cool, I had my first opportunity to use your new software in a live situation a couple of days ago.  Went out (don't do that much any more) to see a client for a pre-determined amount, and he lives far away.  Started asking about higher amounts, then his wife asked if she should update her policy (it is fine, she should leave it).  But, the cool thing is that I was able to pull out my nifty little toy and answer those questions on the spot - I almost forgot about it until the questions came up. 

Very useful.....


Kent N. Jacobson, CFP, C.F.S.B., North Vancouver, B.C. Canada


The Palm version is very nice! Congratulations and thank you….

By the way my new desktop and laptop have slots for the sd card so I was able to skip the step you outlined getting the software onto the usb device and then to the Palm. I think many new pc’s will have the slot (mainly for the convenience of getting photos from digital cameras) onto the pc.

Thanks again,

Rick Bloom

I've got a copy of this on my palm and it is *very* cool stuff. Unlike a laptop, you can carry a PDA anywhere. In fact with this stuff, you should probably have your PDA on you at all times.

With a PDA it's one button on, no power source needed, it fits in your shirt pocket or purse, and no internet connection needed. This is way better than even the revolution that laptops gave us back in the 80's.

Good job Bob; first to market with this stuff again. I've spoken to a number of agents and head office marketing folks about this already and they're response is always 'Wow'!

Glenn Cooke, Insurance Squared

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