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Price List for Palm and Accessories

All prices below are in U.S. dollars. All products shown below come with a 90 day replacement warranty from Compulife. If the product fails, simply return to Compulife and a replacement will be sent once the old one has been received.

Click Here for an Excel Spreadsheet Order form for the U.S.

Click Here for an Excel Spreadsheet Order form for Canada.

Complete the form and fax to Compulife at (859) 885-3988. Please put your phone number on the form, so we can call you if we have questions.

Compulife also provides a 90 day, 50% refund for any products returned for credit within 90 days (less any original shipping costs).

Palm PDA Prices

Palm Tungsten E PDA (Used)
Palm is a used Tungsten E that is functionally in very good condition but cosmetically shows signs of use. The Palm includes a case, stylus, AC adapter and USB cable to HotSync the Palm to your computer.

SD Cards and Adapters

32mb SD memory card (more than enough storage capacity for Compulife)
SD memory card adapter (SD card NOT included)
64mb SD memory card (double your storage capacity for 50% more cost)
128mb SD memory card (4 times the storage capacity for twice the cost)

FREE PDA Sales Button

This political style, pin-on button is
FREE to any Compulife subscriber.

Wear this and carry your PDA with you.
When someone asks you what the button means,
take out your PDA and say "let me show you"
and run them a quote. It works: Click Here

FREE HotSync Software Download

Palm HotSync Software (FREE download from Palm)
NOTE: This is newer software than what comes on most CD's originally distributed with the Palm Tungsten E. If you need a copy on CD, Compulife can sent that to you for $5 plus shipping.

FREE Manual for the Tungsten E

Click Here for Tungsten E Manual
NOTE: This is a PDF copy of the Tungsten E manual.

Other Accessories that Might Be Useful

AC wall Charger
Plastic screen protector
(reduces the likelihood of scratching screen; it does cut down brightness a little)

IMPORTANT: you should never use anything but the Palm stylus as a screen pointer. The end of the stylus is a plastic that won't scratch the screen
External keyboard for Palm
(used keyboard in good working condition; comes with driver software; connects to Palm using infrared/wireless option; not a great keyboard for 10 finger typist but perfect for hunt and peck typists)

Compulife Repair Services

Tungsten E Battery (installed price)
NOTE: The tungsten E battery is a tough animal to change. It requires dissassembly of the PDA, unsoldering and resoldering of the new battery. You will need to return your Tungsten E to Compulife where we will dissassemble, install and test your new battery.
Further note: Compulife will only replace batteries in PDA's originally purchased from Compulife.

Shipping and Handling on Orders/Services

Shipping and handling for Palm PDA and/or accessories

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