Canadian Update News
November 2001
COMPULIFE Software Inc.

The December 2001 disk update will be processed Tuesday, November 27th and Wednesday, November 28th. Disks will be shipped Thursday, November 29th. You should have the December Update in your office Monday, December 3rd.

The Internet monthly update will be posted to our four monthly update websites on Thursday, November 29th.

Unless you have made arrangements to purchase your diskettes, please return your "October disks" ONLY AFTER you have successfully installed the November 2001 Update. October disks are your backup in case you should have problems installing the November edition.

Returning Old Disks

For those not wanting to return disks there are two ways to eliminate the problem. Please go to the end of this bulletin for full details.

Improved Internet Information

As Compulife announced last month, we will introduce the option of delivering trial systems by Internet in November. One of the projects in preparation for being able to do so was the need to have adequate trial information/documentation available at our website. This is now complete. A trial user (or any Compulife subscriber) can print application forms, license agreements, instruction manual chapters, etc. This eliminates the need for Compulife to mail information to a prospective purchaser.

While we do not yet have everything we plan to have at the website, all the things a trial user needs to get started are now there.

For those who have been asking for a manual, the first three chapters of our Internet Manual are now completed and available at the website. Go to and click on the last menu item.

Term4Sale - Free Home Postal Code Listing

Each Compulife subscriber is now entitled to a free home postal code listing at the website. As we explained last month, IFBC Membership is no longer required to be listed at the Canadian version of Term4Sale. Compulife has reviewed and modified the rules that permit Canadian life agents to be listed.

Home Postal Code Free

Each individual subscriber to Compulife may have one three digit postal code listing at no charge. Your home postal code has priority over those not located in your home postal code. Keep in mind that each three digit postal code is limited to a maximum of three agents.

Purchase Additional Postal Codes

A subscriber may purchase additional postal codes for $1 per month (payable annually in advance). Canadian subscribers pay $1 Canadian versus U.S. subscribers who pay $1 U.S. GST and PST (where applicable) will apply.

Resolving Postal Code Conflicts

In postal codes where more than three agents want to be listed, those who have the postal code as a home postal code are given priority and are protected. Additional listings are initially available on a first come first serve basis.

A subscriber wanting to be listed in a postal code where three people are already listed (assuming that the three are not home postal codes), may begin an auction process for that postal code. The rules for the auction are clearly set forth at our website. Go to, link to the Canadian site, enter a postal code, do a comparison then click one of the "Get Agent" buttons in the comparison results. When the list of agents is displayed, PRINT THE LIST.

That list is actually quite long as it is followed by all the rules governing the listing process, including postal code auctions.

You Need to Contact Us

Those already listed at will continue to receive their free listing as before. No action is needed.

If you are not currently listed you must contact us to have your free listing added.

Those wanting to purchase additional postal codes should prepare a list of the additional 3 digit postal codes and fax it to us at (519) 745- 8581. We will review your list and advise you of which codes are redundant (there is no point being listed next to yourself). Payment of $12 per postal code will cover you from the time that you are listed to the end of 2002. The sooner you act, the sooner you will be listed.

Dramatic Price Cut

Term Comparisons on Your Website for only $99 per year!!! Compulife subscribers can now have their websites offer real-time term comparisons for only $99 per year.

Compulife does not provide web programming or websites for agents. Compulife has an Internet version of our comparison software that allows a website to do real-time comparisons. Those who have Compulife's Internet comparison software (we call it the Internet engine) have permission to use the engine to set up websites for other agents providing that agent is a Compulife subscriber. There is NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE from Compulife for that privilege.

Compulife currently has 4 "authorized web providers". An authorized web provider is someone who does not sell or distribute insurance which means they don't compete with our subscribers.

One of these web providers has just dramatically cut the price of their service to agents and agencies to $99 per year.

Note: First time subscribers to that service start by purchasing a 6 month subscription for $99. The initial $99 represents a setup fee of $49.50 plus $49.50 for the first 6 months. Annual renewals are then $99 per year.

Compulife Lite subscribers do not qualify for this special offer. Lite subscribers can upgrade to the full Compulife system for the price difference.

Please call Bob Barney at (800) 798-3488 for the name of this Compulife web provider in addition to the names of other authorized web providers. You will want to consider competing offers.

Windows Improvements

Last month we placed our latest version of the Windows software on the Internet and invited subscribers to try it. Given that we received no calls indicating problems we are now including it for general release this month.

Prettier Printouts

We have made significant improvements to the look of the comparisons and single product printouts. Printouts have actually been improved in three separate parts of the program:

F2 Single Product Printouts
F3 Comparison Printouts
F5 Pick 5/11 Spreadsheet Summary Pages

Each of these printouts now permits you to use proportional pitch fonts. This makes the printouts much more attractive. A great deal of time and care was spent making sure that columns were properly aligned and that information was placed in the right position on each page.

Having done that we are also pleased to advise that we have now added a "font selection" feature to each of the above printouts. You can select the type of font that you want for comparisons and single products simply by going to the top of the respective window and clicking on "Print Options". Click on "Set Print Font".

Pick 5/11 summary page font selection can now be made from the "Print Style" page located in the "Style Options". The "Style Options" menu item is found in the top line of the Pick 5/11 Window. Once you have chosen "Style Options", then click on "Print Style".

With the Print Style windows displayed, look to the top left corner of the Window. There you will find "Select Item to Change Font". To the right of the current item, click the "down arrow" button to display the entire list of items which you can select fonts for.

At the bottom of the list of items to set font/colors for, you will find a new option called "Summary Page Body". This is where you can select a different font for the body of your summary page.

Fonts are individually selected for each of the above three printouts. For example, you could have an "Arial" font for the single product printouts and a "Times New Roman" font for the comparisons.

The summary page font can be recorded individually for each print style page.

Note: the "Arial" font is the default font if you do not select a different font.

To summarize, font selection is done from the "Print Options" menu choices located at the top of the comparison and single product windows. For the Pick 5/11 summary pages you change the fonts in the the Print Style Window.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While the font window allows you to select the font size, this has no impact on the actual font sizes used for these printouts. The program determines the space available and the maximum font size which can be used (to a pre-set limit which has been established by Compulife).

Printing Problems Should Be Resolved

This new feature will be important as we had been receiving some complaints from customers when they used our previous Windows printouts.

For the sake of expediency, when converting our DOS modules to Windows, we had simply selected "fixed pitch" fonts as the default fonts. With that, we then used the same spacing logic previously embedded in our DOS software. However, not all Windows operating systems have the same range of font sizes for fixed pitch fonts. Because of this, for some systems, things might run off the page or the font size was very tiny. All of this should be resolved with the new improvements.

Pick 5/11 Filing

As we discussed last month, the "Pick 11 Product List" window has two new buttons added. You can highlight a product on the list, and click the "Delete a product" button to delete that single product. You can also, when finished with the filing, click the "Go to pick 5" button to go directly to the "Pick 5/11 Policy Analysis" spreadsheet.

Fast Load Time

You will notice that the new Windows program loads much more quickly. The reason is that the program forms (screen images) now load only when needed. Before this they all loaded at the start-up of the program and this took time. We think you will find the program is now quicker, and for those concerned, uses less system resources (memory).

More Windows Improvements At The Mid-Month Website

We are now offering you the next version of our Windows program at the mid-month website. This newest version of the Compulife program recognizes and works with the concept of product families.

As we have explained before, the existing Compulife database can require two or three separate product entries to include all the numerous "rate categories" which some products require. The existing Compulife rate entry system allows one product entry to contain up to four rate categories; a maximum of two non-smoking and two smoking categories. If a product has more categories we end up making additional product entries to accommodate those categories.

The "product family" enhancement allows us to group multiple product entries into one product family, effectively giving us an unlimited number of categories per product. For those who try it, you will find single product (F2) menus much, much simpler. Also, comparisons use the main name of the product without all the (P+ Super Pfd/R+ Select) type notations which are used to distinguish individual product entries in the system.

Work has also wrapped up on expanding Pick 5/11 to Pick 12. The existing "pick5.dat" file, which now contains your selected products, had some limitations attached to it. These prevented us from easily expanding the maximum number of products to 12. The "pick5.dat" file format has been overhauled and it will now permit up to 12 products in the spreadsheet. More important, it will accommodate further changes and enhancements we are planning to make.

Note: The limit will remain at 11 in DOS due to the printing limitations of fixed pitch fonts in landscape mode.

For more details of the changes, read the new manual chapters which are available at The new chapters were written with the new features documented in advance. You can download the newest GOWIN.EXE file by going to the mid-month website and downloading the UPDATE2.CMP file. Call us at (800) 567-8376 if you need help.

What Follows Product Families

Once product families are fully tested and complete, the following are next on our list of changes.

a) Enhanced Internet Updating - Compulife will be upgrading our Windows software to permit it to automatically search the Internet for both monthly and mid-month updates at our numerous websites. The system will divide our users among our various websites and servers to ensure a moderate traffic level for each server. It will also automatically check for alternate servers when connections fail or where download performance is deemed unacceptable. This will make the process of Internet updating much simpler.

Note: The existing system of updating will continue to work just as it does now. The new approach will simply automate the steps.

b) Pick 12 will eventually allow the filing of multiple life quotes reflecting discounts for companies which offer multi-life options. You will be able to print pages showing total premiums for all lives and then subsequent pages for each individual life. Discounts, where available, will be noted. As the Pick 12 features become available, they will be posted to our mid-month update site.

c) Pick 12 will allow the quotation of modal premiums together with waiver of premium. Currently, when you click on waiver of premium, the spreadsheet defaults to annual premium. If you switch to another premium mode, the waiver of premium is dropped.

Disk Update Price Increase - January 1, 2002

In the May Update Bulletin we advised you that on January 1, 2002 Compulife will increase prices for software which is updated monthly by disk. As long-time subscribers know, we have been lowering our prices for the past 5 years. During that time shipping costs have been increasing.

Now that our monthly updates though the Internet are working quite well, we prefer that our subscribers use that method of obtaining updates. Once again, prices for Internet subscriptions are not changing and we do not expect them to change in the near future. The new prices will be as follows:

Agency Use Updates by Disk Updates by Internet
One Year Subscription $379 ($349 prior to 2002) $299
Two Year Subscription $659 ($599 prior to 2002) $499

Personal Use Updates by Disk Updates by Internet
One Year Subscription $279 ($249 prior to 2002) $199
Two Year Subscription $459 ($399 prior to 2002) $299

Compulife Lite ** Updates by Disk Updates by Internet
One Year Subscription $139 (was $99) $99

** NOTE re: Lite subscriptions

Lite monthly updates are now available through the Internet. As a result, the price for Lite updates by disk have increased to the above mentioned $139 per year. The $40 additional fee, versus the $90 additional fee for the regular and personal use system, reflects the fact that Lite software is shipped by regular mail as opposed to Priority Post.

Those with a current Lite subscription are continuing to receive disks at the old prices. There will be no change in service or price until the Lite subscription renews.

Top-Up Opportunity

For agency and personal use subscribers who want to continue to receive updates by disk there will be a special standing offer until December 15, 2001. You can "top-up" existing subscriptions at the old price. If you act before December 15, 2001, you can add another one or two years to your subscription at the old prices.

Having said that, we suggest you act now, before the deadline as it is our experience that most people forget there is a deadline and then want Compulife to extend it. In this case, that will not be done.

Here is an example of the top-up opportunity:

If your personal use subscription is paid to May 31, 2002, and you act now you can add one more year for $249 or two more years for $399. If you didn't act by December 15th then you will receive your normal invoice in April 2002 for the new price of $279. You could elect at that time to pay a total of two years for $459.

If you receive that new invoice, at the higher price, don't forget that you can still elect at that time to switch over to Internet monthly updates and save $80 per year. The price for a personal use Internet subscription remains only $199.

Switch To Internet Anytime

Subscribers who are part way through a disk update subscription can switch to Internet and have their existing subscription extended based upon the time left and the price difference. Call Compulife at (800) 798-3488 for more specific information about your account.

Mid-month Updates - You need to Check

We again underline the importance of using the mid-month update service. Companies are changing rates faster and faster all the time and so monthly updates are increasingly becoming stale shortly after they are issued.

Regardless of how you are obtaining your monthly updates, you need to carefully monitor our mid-month update service at This is a free service.

Check in at least once a week to see if there have been important changes. Each change made to the database during the month is itemized, documented and dated in the Mid-month update news.

Dueling Websites

For those who update by Internet, Compulife has gone to great lengths to provide you with redundancy in our websites. Our main website is:

However, we keep another completely separate website, on a completely different server, in a completely different country, at:

Whatever we update to, we also update to If one website goes down, for whatever reason, the other is ready to serve you. That includes both monthly and mid-month updates.

For those doing monthly updates by Internet, we have a third website standing at ready with the monthly updates ready. If you cannot obtain your monthly update from either or, call our office at (800) 567-8376 and we'll tell you where the third site is.

Returning Monthly Disk Updates

For those not wanting to return disks there are two ways to eliminate the problem.

1. Switch to obtaining monthly updates by Internet.

Not only will you eliminate the expense and hassle of returning disks, you will save $50 per year in subscription fees (that will be an $80 per year savings starting January 1, 2002).

To switch to Internet monthly updates, call us at (800) 798-3488. We will send you an agreement called the "Internet Update Endorsement" (go ahead and print the version at this link, then fax it to us at 859-885-3988). Read it carefully, especially the part where you agree that you have successfully downloaded and processed our "mid-month updates". If you haven't done that before, call us and we'll be happy to take you through the procedure. It's easy.

2. Disk Purchase Program

The other way to avoid returning the disks and the disk box each month is to pre-purchase them for $21 per year ($1.75 per month). Once you do that you can keep them for future reference, throw them away or return them for a credit (once each year) when you are invoiced for the following year. $21 costs you less than mailing back disks each month.