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*You must have a license to COMPULIFE's quote software to purchase API access.

The COMPULIFE API is an available product that fits between our Website Quoter and Internet Quote Engine. Your web developer can create a fully customized life insurance website quoter using our API, which returns data in JSON format. To understand how our API works, please view the following documentation.

COMPULIFE API Documentation

Access to the COMPULIFE API is volume based and is priced accordingly. The monthly limits with annual pricing are as follows:

  • $300/year (1,200 Quotes per month)
  • $600/year (6,000 Quotes per month)
  • $900/year (30,000 Quotes per month)
Purchase the API

API vs. Internet Quote Engine

  • API costs less than the Internet Quote Engine, which is currently $1,500/year (for less than 60,000 quotes per month) or $2,500/year (for more than 60,000 quotes per month).
  • API is limited to 30,000 quotes per month. If you are running more than 30,000 quotes per month then you will need to purchase the Internet Quote Engine.
  • API’s rates are automatically updated by COMPULIFE, while the rate data for the Internet Quote Engine needs to be periodically updated on the subscriber's server.

API vs. Website Quoter

  • API costs more than the Website Quoter and is only necessary if you need more customization.
  • API returns JSON formatted data so you can use your customized CSS, while the Website Quoter has limited style choices.
  • API returns JSON data so you can create a contact routine for a lead and/or pass the quote data to your CRM or client database. The Website Quoter is setup to only send you an email lead.

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