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Internet Quote Engine

Internet Quote Engine
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Internet Quote Engine
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Compulife believes that the vast majority of our subscribers, who simply want instant life insurance quotes added to their web site, are best advised to obtain the use of Compulife's Internet Engine through one of our Authorized Web Providers.

This option is available for agencies who want the ultimate in autonomy and security. The internet quote engine (web software) is installed on your server, and there is no requirement for hosting anything on COMPULIFE’s servers in order to be able to product comparisons and quotes. The engine comes complete with all of the internet technology and options offered by Compulife including the preferred health analyzer, needs analysis calculators and life company forms.

IMPORTANT: You will need to periodically update your server with any new rate changes and new releases of our internet quote engine.

Special Pricing

The Internet Quote Engine is available to subscribers who have a Standard (Agency) License with Compulife.

One of the advantages to those purchasing the Internet Engine is that the agency then has the ability to hook up the engine for other agent's web sites providing that the agent is a Compulife subscriber. If the agency has purchased the internet quote engine, then the agency can purchase additional personal use editions of Compulife for only $99 per year.

For example, if you are a General Agency and you want to provide term quotes for your agents' websites, and you want to do that as part of your value added services to those agencies, you can do so at NO CHARGE providing the agent is a subscriber to Compulife. When you combine that NO CHARGE opportunity, with the fact that you buy the Windows version of Compulife for your agents for as little as $99 per year, we wonder why more agencies are not taking advantage of the opportunity to provide these valuable tools to their agents.

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