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COMPULIFE  Mid-Month U.S. Update

During each month Compulife updates this Internet Site with late breaking information of importance to the subscribers of its Compulife Term Comparison and Quotation System.  Each month the entire Compulife program is updated by Internet.  The information provided in the mid-month update contains the latest rate information.

* * * WARNING * * *

The information which follows is intended for subscribers to the Compulife Quotation System.  Use of this service by those who are not current subscribers to the Compulife Quotation System is:


Further, Compulife cannot guarantee that the use of this information service, by those other than current subscribers to Compulife's monthly update software, will not lead to serious problems with the operation of their computer systems. Once again, only those using current editions of the Compulife program should proceed beyond this point.

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