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If you have never used Term4Sale before, or you are an agent that has never heard of Compulife or tried our software, it is important for you to hear what others are saying about us. In June 2004 we introduced a "Testimonials" option to our Term4Sale homepage. We invited agents and consumers to comment on our services. Feel free to read what they are saying about us:

As you can see, we have been hearing from the media and from agents who use our service. A number of agents have written to express their appreciation for the service provided by Compulife and we want to thank all who have done so. If you are an agent using Compulife, and have something you'd like to say, please send us an e-mail at

More important, we need to hear from consumers. To date we have had only one consumer brave enough to write about their experience with Term4Sale. I know there are more who have had a similar experience because I have talked to many. If Term4Sale has helped you, it can help other and other consumers need to hear from you. Please speak up.

As always, your privacy is protected. Testimonials from consumers will be ONLY be identified by "first name" followed by "city". If Compulife's Term4Sale website has helped you or your clients save money, other consumers need to know about it. Can you please help me tell others about the incredible benefit Term4Sale provides? There are many consumers who stand to save hundreds and thousands of dollars in insurance premiums and can help by saying so. Please send your e-mail to:

I would appreciate your help.

Thank you

Bob Barney
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