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"This will be the most important prospecting tool of our time."

But don't take our word for it
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Think about it! This is a life insurance comparison computer that you can carry in your pocket or purse. When you turn it on it powers up as fast as a calculator. The following client entry screen instantly appears. Here's what it looks like:

Using the stylus (pointer), you enter the client information by choosing the appropriate options from drop down lists. Once you have answered the questions you click the COMPARE NOW button. In seconds you have comparison results which you can show to your prospect, right there on the spot.

PDA Software FREE with Compulife subscription

The Compulife Quotation System for the Palm PDA or the Windows Mobile PDA is ABSOLUTELY FREE to subscribers of the Compulife Quotation System. The Palm and Windows Mobile versions of Compulife are updated with the same software that you receive from Compulife each month by Internet. Palm and Windows Mobile program files have now been added to the update and those new program files are all you need to run Compulife on a pocket computer. The very same data files which the Windows version of Compulife uses to produce comparisons and quotes, ARE THE EXACT SAME DATA FILES that are used by the Palm or Windows Mobile software. When you get a Compulife update for your desktop or laptop computer, you also have the update for PDAs.

What if you're not a subscriber to Compulife? How about a 4 month Free Subscription?

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If you already have a Palm or Windows Mobile PDA (including smart phones), and already have an SD card and SD card adapter, there is NOTHING ELSE TO BUY. The Windows version of Compulife now has an option that automatically transfers the Palm and Windows Mobile software to the PDA via the SD memory card and adapter. This is done in about 30 seconds. Once you transfer the files to the SD card, you place the card in your PDA and you are ready to go. Updates are done the same way.

CLICK HERE for instructions to load Compulife to a PDA

This is a Marketing Pistol

To understand the strategic value of the PDA think of your computer (laptop or desktop) as a rifle. Now think of the PDA as a pistol. A rifle is NOT something that you can carry with you everywhere you go. By contrast, a pistol is something you can holster or put in your pocket. No one would argue that the rifle is the superior weapon, more powerful, shoots further, etc., but you can't carry a rifle with you wherever you go.

A police officer has a shotgun or rifle in the trunk of the car but a good officer carries a pistol wherever they go; on duty or off duty. Professional police officers are always ready for action, always prepared to do their job. Just like a professional police officer, a life agent can now carry a tool that they can instantly get their hands on anytime, anywhere.

Whether you are sitting next to someone at the ball game, or in the store buying a new TV, if you have a chance to talk to someone about life insurance you likely won't have your laptop with you. And even if you did, who's going to stand there and wait while you take it out, set it up, turn it on and wait for it to start? That's all solved with the PDA. The PDA turns on instantly and you can start firing immediately. The PDA is your marketing pistol.


Some people don't know what a PDA is. Even if they do, they won't believe that you can compare hundreds of life insurance products with something that you just pulled out of your pocket. But that's exactly what you can do with Compulife on that PDA. You will amaze people with the number of companies on the PDA, and then amaze them with how inexpensive life insurance can cost. Once you have used the PDA, all that is left is to book an appointment and complete the sale process.


The PDA will qualify potential prospects in face-to-face encounters. The objective is simple: secure an agreement to meet where you can make a fuller sales presentation using your more powerful computer equipment. The PDA is not designed to replace the function of your computer or laptop. The PDA gives you a NEW capability that your normal computer equipment cannot provide.

Compulife believes the PDA will not only pay for itself, it will pay for all the other computer equipment that you buy!

But don't take our word for it
CLICK HERE to read what Compulife subscribers
are saying about our PDA software.

Having sold insurance many years ago, I can't tell you how much I wish I had had one of these in my pocket. No more missed sales opportunities when face-to-face with a potential prospect. I have no doubt that you will have fun showing this thing to people and I can't wait to hear the stories.

CLICK HERE for instructions to load Compulife to a PDA

Compulife wants you to get your hands on one and start using it. The PDA is going to make you money.

REMEMBER, the PDA software from Compulife is NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

Can I run Compulife on my Blackberry?

Yes! For Blackberrys, Compulife has set up a web site at:

Can I Use the Palm HotSync or Windows Mobile ActiveSynce to load Compulife?

NO. It is not possible to load Compulife using HotSync or ActiveSync. You will need to use an SD card for Compulife's data files. Compulife's data files cannot be loaded and run from the Palm itself and you cannot HoySync files to the Card.

Compulife will not be offering ANY technical support for those who attempt to use HotSync or ActiveSync to load Compulife to the PDA.

Do I Get PDA software if I buy the cheaper Compulife "Term4Sale - Agent Edition"?

Agents who purchase Compulife's "Term4Sale - Agent Edition" software will be receiving Palm PDA software with that subscription but no Windows Mobile software. Compulife will be happy to sell Palm PDA products to Term4Sale - Agent Edition customers. If you want to run Compulife on a Windows Mobile PDA, you can upgrade to the full version of Compulife on a pro-rated basis.

How many PDA's can I place the PDA software on if I have any agency subscription?

Compulife's agency license permits 5 machines in one location. Any of those machines can be a PDA.

NOTE: The PDA software is the only software that may be used outside that location.

If the agency wants the software on multiple agent's PDAs, Compulife offers our agent version for a reduced price to agencies. Instead of paying $199, an agency can but an additional agent edition for only $139. There are discounts for volume. For example, an agency licensee can buy 10 agent licenses from Compulife for $99 per agent. There are other options for higher volumes. Please contact Bob Barney at (888) 798-3488.

What else will the PDA Do?

Plenty! The PDA can replace your daytimer and you can electronically keep track of your appointments. You can also use the PDA to keep a list of contacts, addresses, phone numbers, etc. It is a one stop database.

Backing up this important data is done using the HotSync or ActiveSync option. HotSync or ActiveSync allows you to connect your PDA to your computer using a cable that plugs into the USB adapter.

HotSync or ActiveSync is software that is aleady on your PDA, but will also need to be installed on your computer.

What If I Lose my PDA?

Not a problem as far as Compulife goes. Get a new PDA and SD card, repeat the installation process for Compulife, and you are ready to go.

Providing you are using the HotSync software (with your Palm) or ActiveSync software (with your Windows Mobile device), then all your contacts and appointments will be backed up to your desktop computer. When you plug your replacement PDA into the HotSync or ActiveSync cable, and run the HotSync or ActiveSync software, the software will restore your new PDA to the same condition the old one was at when you last connected it to you computer.

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